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Commercial Solar

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Invest in the Future

Commercial Solar Installations
There has never been a better time to invest in the future of your business with solar technology. Businesses face enough uncertainty without having to worry about future increases in the cost of energy. In addition to demonstrating your business's commitment to environmental responsibility, a solar installation will allow your business to lock in a low cost for electricity into the forseeable future.

Let Helios Solar work with your business to develop an on-site energy generation plan to meet your needs for current and future energy consumption.

Dual-Axis Tracking Array

Location: South Haven, MI

Installed: November 2013

Capacity: 106.2kW DC-STC

This Dual-Axis Tracking Solar Array is composed of 15 Deger Energie 6000NT Tracking systems that each support 24 Suniva MVX-295 solar panels. There are a total of 360 large form factor, 72-cell solar modules in this array. To ensure proper Maximum Power Point Tracker performance and maximize energy collection, each tracker is equipped with its own SMA SB7000-US12 Inverter.

When completed, in the Fall of 2013, this installation was the largest Dual-Axis Tracking Photovoltaic Array in Michigan and one of the largest in the Midwestern United States.

The early production data from this array has been impressive. It is expected that the tracking system will improve the performance of the solar panels by more than 40% when compared with a fixed tilt system.

This system will produce about 85% of the electricity that is consumed by the factory that it supports. It provides a source of clean renewable energy and offers a hedge against future electricity proce increases. It is expected to have a simple payback period of under 6 years.

Roof-Top Installation

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Installed: September 2012

Capacity: 18.33kW DC-STC

This commerical roof-top solar array is composed of 78 solar moduels paired with 3 SMA SB6000-US inverters on a 120/208V 3-phase interconnect.

This project is an example of the most economically advantageous type of solar installation. The panels are anchored to a standing seem metal roof. This type of installation allows the panels to utilize the exiting roof structure as the mlunting system and dramatically lowers the installed cost of the system.