"Helios Solar is the most professional
and detailed orientated contractor that I have ever used."
-Nate Creech, Burlington, MI
Helios Solar LLC

Company and Officers

Helios Solar was founded by Connor and Sam Field in 2009 with the goal of encouraging widespread adoption of solar photovoltaic technology for electricity production throughout Michigan and the upper midwest. Helios is a full-service developer of solar photovoltaic electricity generation facilities and can design, construct, and finance projects both large and small. With project experience ranging from 1.5kW installations composed of 6 solar panels to utility scale installations exceeding 525kW and containing up to 2100 solar panels, Helios has the experience to design and construct a system to meet any requirements.

Helios was founded on the principles of Environment, Engineering, and Economics. These principles guide the design process that Helios implements for each project that they approach. By considering economics throughout the design process, Helios is able to engineer the most efficient and highest return on investment project that can possibly be implemented for each of our customers.
Connor Field, CEO
Connor has undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering and Economics. He also has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Solid State Electronics and Photovoltaics from the University of Michigan.

With more than five years of experience working in the solar industry, he has extensive knowledge of the design and engineering principles related to solar photovoltaic installations of all types. He has been the chief engineer for nearly 1MW of solar installations with individual project sizes ranging from 1kW to >500kW. Connor provides a core of engineering leadership that drives Helios' innovative design and engineering process.
Sam Field, CFO
Sam is an attorney who has specialized in Civil Litigation for more than 30 years. He also co-founded Keystone Community Bank in Kalamazoo in 1997 and has involvement in many other business ventures including other renewable energy ventures.

Sam adds specialized knowledge to the Helios Solar development team in the areas of zoning, permitting, financing, enterprise organization, real and personal property classification and valuation, and contacts for construction, parallel operation and power purchase.