"Helios Solar is the most professional
and detailed orientated contractor that I have ever used."
-Nate Creech, Burlington, MI
System Installation

Trained Professionals Working for You

Installation Overview
  • Helios Solar has experience working with both roof and ground mounted PV systems.
  • Each type of system offers unique benefits but can present different challenges determined by the existing installation environment.
  • Helios Solar contracts with a variety of the most experienced electrical contractors in the area to perform the electrical portion of each solar installation.
  • Safety is of paramount importance during the installation phase of each project.
Ground-Mounted Systems
  • Ground-Mounted systems are best for very large installations and any installation where a great deal of open space is available. Ideal sites include homeowner's yards, solar farms, and capped landfills
  • Ground-mounted solar systems require multiple poles or anchors to be fixed into the ground to support the solar modules. Many large sytems rely on driven piles to provide the required structural support.
  • Ballasted systems are available and are ideal for Landfill Applications.
Roof-Mounted Systems
  • Roof-mounted sytems are ideal for structures that have large open roofs. Solar modules can be mounted on either flat or pitched roofs.
  • Solar modules can be installed with zero roof penetrations on flat and standing seam metal roofs.
  • Roof-mounted PV is inexpensive because it is able to leverage the existing structure to create a low cost mounting system that incorporates the strength of the underlying structure.