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Monitoring and Maintenance

Protecting Your Solar Investment

System Maintenance
  • Most solar equipment requires little or no regular maintenance. Helios Solar recomends putting a plan in place to perform periodic inspections of the array to ensure that no unexpected mechanical problems are emerging.
  • On rare occasions, service calls may be necessary to replace fuses or assess other electronically diagnosed problems.
  • Solar modules are generally warranted for a certain level of output degradation over a 25 year period. The lifecycle can be tracked by the system monitoring equipment that is in place.
  • Solar Inverters and racking are generally warranted for 10 years with extended warranties available for most devices.
  • All systems that Helios Solar installs come complete with online output monitoring.
  • Click here to see a sample online monitoring page.
  • Online monitoring generates automatic email notifications if any errors occur within the system.
  • SMA inverters come complete with access to the SMA SunnyPortal which offers numerous useful tools for tracking the electrical and financial output of your array.