"I can say with 110% certainty that Helios is the right company
to go with regarding your solar needs."
-Michigan Customer
Experience Summary

Solutions for All Types of Solar Installations

Utility-Scale Solar
Helios Solar has experience working through all phases of Utility-Scale Solar development projects. From initial design and engineering to project commissioning, Helios will ensure that you Utility-Scale Solar project is as efficient, reliable, and profitable as possible.

As Renewable Portfolio Standards are expanded, renewable energy will make up an ever increasing percentage of all electrical production. Utility-Scale solar has many advantages over other forms of renewable generation. The scalable nature of solar installations allow them to be adapted to meet the needs of any Utility or community. Additionally, solar installations do not present the siting concerns generally associated with Wind Energy development because the equipment is stationary, low to the ground, and easily concealed.

Helios Solar has the ability to meet the needs of any Utility. Depending on specific project requirements, Helios can serve as EPC for construction of a turn-key solar installation to be owned by a utility. We also have experience owning and managing solar generating assets under long-term Power Purchase Agreements.
Commercial Solar
There has never been a better time to invest in the future of your business with solar technology. Businesses face enough uncertainty without having to worry about future increases in the cost of energy. In addition to demonstrating your business's commitment to environmental responsibility, a solar installation will allow your business to lock in a low cost for electricity into the foreseeable future.

Let Helios Solar work with your business to develop an on-site energy generation plan to meet your needs for current and future energy consumption.
Residential Solar
A home solar installation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint today and secure access to low-cost electricity for many years to come. Helios Solar has experience working with many different types of home solar installations ranging from very small projects to installations that offset the electrical consumption of an entire household.

Advances in microinverter technology have allowed home solar installations to become more simple and cost effective than ever. Contact us today to learn how quick, easy, and inexpensive it can be to add a solar installation to your home.