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-Allison Flood
Renewable Energy Credits

For Compliance or Lifestyle Offset

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?
  • RECs belong to a class of financial instruments called tradeable permits and are originated when renewable energy is produced. RECs are then retired when used to meet the obligations of a public utility, business, or individual who is meeting their energy needs with Renewable Energy.
  • Visit our REC Offset Calculator to find out how you can offset your own energy consumption with clean, renewable solar energy.
  • The REC takes on the excess benefits and financial value of renewable energy over conventionally produced electricity. The REC can then be traded, effectively decoupling the base value of the electricity from the excess value of renewables.
  • Most RECs are consumed by Utility Companies to satisfy their legal Renewable Portfolio Standard Requirements that mandate that they acquire at least a certain fraction of the electricity that they distribute from renewable sources.
  • Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and Individuals also consume RECs to voluntarially offset some or all of their energy consumption with Renewable Energy. REC purchase is a great option for organizations or individuals who do not have the capacity to build their own solar installations, but still would like to make a statement of their dedication to Renewable Energy sources.
Why Purchase RECs?
  • Many individuals and organizations are interested in purchasing renewable energy, but simply do not have the available space or capital to build their own generation equipment.
  • Purchasing RECs from a cooperatively developed solar installation gives anyone the ability to offset some or all of their electrical use with Renewable Energy.
  • For subscription customers, Helios Solar will designate a specific portion of a solar array for each customer. We will provide an information packet that indicates which solar panels and inverters are producing your RECs.