"Helios Solar is the most professional
and detailed orientated contractor that I have ever used."
-Nate Creech, Burlington, MI

From Concept to Construction

Services Overview
  • At Helios Solar, we are uniquely equipped to handle all aspects of Solar Photovoltaic System development.
  • We produce custom turnkey solutions for each of our customer's unique energy and space requirements
  • Our expertise in engineering, construction management, and operation of large photovoltaic systems ensures that our customers are provided with the most efficient solar installation possible.
  • In parallel with our engineering and construction team, our expertise in the legal and regulatory environment of solar development ensures that our customers are able to maximize the economic value of their installation. We make sure that our customers are able to take advantage of all value streams produced by their new solar equipment including tax incentives, electrical cost offsets, and Renewable Energy Credits.
PV Engineering
  • Helios Solar has experience engineering all types of Solar PV projects.
  • Our engineers are experts in selecting the best equipment on the market for each individual project.
  • PE approved designs are available for all projects.
  • Read more about our PV Engineering process.
System Installation
  • Our NABCEP certified installer led crews are trained to the highest standards of industry best practices and OSHA guidelines
  • We guarantee that each component of the solar system will be tailored to our customers individual needs and installed in the safest, most aesthetically pleasing method possible
  • Helios Solar warrants the integrity of each installation for an industry standard period. We also offer optional extended warranties on both the system and its overall output.
  • Read more about the installation process.
Monitoring and Maintenance
  • All of the systems that we install come complete with online monitoring equipment to track the output of the equipment and notify the operator of any malfunctions.
  • Monitoring systems are a critical component of solar equipment, because anytime the system is offline, potential value is lost.
  • Click here to learn more about online monitoring and see an example system's output.
Renewable Energy Credits
  • When solar energy is produced, Renewable Energy Credits, or RECS, are also produced.
  • RECs are used by Utility Companies as a tool to measure their compliance with legal renewable energy standards.
  • RECs can also be used by individuals to offset some or all of their energy consumption with carbon neutral, clean solar energy.
  • Read more about the value of RECs