"Helios Solar is the most professional
and detailed orientated contractor that I have ever used."
-Nate Creech, Burlington, MI
Utility-Scale Solar

From Design Concepts to Turnkey Installations

Utility-Scale Solar Development
Helios Solar has experience working through all phases of Utility-Scale Solar development projects. From initial design and engineering to project commissioning, Helios will ensure that you Utility-Scale Solar project is as efficient, reliable, and profitable as possible.

As Renewable Portfolio Standards are expanded, renewable energy will make up an ever increasing percentage of all electrical production. Utility-Scale solar has many advantages over other forms of renewable generation. The scalable nature of solar installations allow them to be adapted to meet the needs of any Utility or community. Additionally, solar installations do not present the siteing concerns generally associated with Wind Energy development because the equipment is stationary, low to the ground, and easily concealed.

Helios Solar has the ability to meet the needs of any Utility. Depending on specific project requirements, Helios can serve as EPC for construction of a turn-key solar installation to be owned by a utility. We also have experience owning and managing solar generating assets under long-term Power Purchase Agreements.

Eaton Rapids Solar

Location: Eaton Rapids, MI

Installed: Spring 2014

Capacity: 535.5kW DC-STC

This ground mounted solar installation is constructed on top of a capped municipal waste landfill. The installation is composed of 2100 Suniva MVX-255 solar modules paired with a single SMA 500CP-US Inverter.

The modules are mounted on the Renusol C60 Mounting system. This is the first time that this mounting system has been utilized for a landfill installation. The delicate landfill cap required that this system be constructed similar to a roof-top mounted system. Soil disturbances and ground pressure had to be kept to a minimum throughout the construction phase of this project. The CS60 was ideally suited to accomplish these goals.

This installation was designed using the latest technology and engineering techniques. This is the first 1000V DC system installed in the State of Michigan. It is also the first solar installation on a former landfill site.

The Eaton Rapids Landfill Solar Array is a great example of how solar technology can be utilized to convert a brown field to a source of clean, renewable electricity.

Kalamazoo Solar

Location: Galesburg, MI

Installed: November 2010

Capacity: 158.8kW DC-STC

This ground mounted solar array is composed of 756 Evergreen Solar EA-A-210 solar modules paired with 21 SMA SB7000-US inverters. This solar installation produces 225MWh of clean, renewable electrical energy every year. It has been maintained with >99.9% system availability over its life.

The system also features a unique multi-position pole mounting system that is seasonally adjustable. Adjusting the array four times per year yields a net increase in electricity production of 20% over what would be produced by a fixed array. The racking system was custom desigend and fabricated by Helios Solar for this specific project.

The Kalamazoo Solar Project was built under the first stage of Consumer Energy's Experimental Advanced Renewables Program (EARP). The EARP is a pilot Feed-In-Tariff program offered to Consumers Energy's customers in Michigan.