How to Create a Culture of Innovation | Ep. 006

In Episode 6: Heidi Brown the Director of Strategy and Innovation at OMI Industries gives us some insight into the odor industry and how to cultivate a culture of innovation within the workplace. Being a department of one, Heidi is creating an innovative culture from the ground up. She shares with us that empowering employees […]

How to Innovate Legacy Systems | Ep. 005

In Episode 5: Gibran Hadj-Chikh the VP of Strategic Transformation and Innovation at Parsons talks with us about how to innovate within cities. We talk about the importance of framing innovation around adjectives instead of nouns, explore smart mobility and smart cities and how cities are trying to operate more like start ups. Find out […]

How to Make Education Innovative | Ep. 004

In Episode 4: John Rumery of Grand Circus discusses how a company can be innovative in the education sector. How can you change a conventional institution such as education? Enter the Grand Circus method, bootcamps that can teach you a coding language in 10-12 weeks. Believing that anyone can learn to code, Grand Circus is […]

How to Create Innovation Opportunities Internally & Externally | Ep. 003

In Episode 3 we interview Josh Stauffer, the CEO of Blue Flame Thinking. BFT helps manufacturing and financial clients that are in a certain arc of digital transformation solve their toughest marketing challenges. This episode explores innovating with companies who are behind their competitors, how failing is inevitable and how voice will be the wave […]

How to Innovate in Publishing | Ep. 002

In episode #002 Josh Barker interviews Tom Klausing the Director of Digital Media at Amos Media. Founded in 1876, Amos Media is the leading resource for coin and stamp collecting and investing. Josh talks with Tom about how a small niche publisher can innovate in the digital space and how to transition customers from print […]

How to Innovate Using Building Information Modeling | Ep. 001

In this episode Josh Barker interviews Ian McGaw the VP of Technology and Innovation at ENGworks. ENGworks is a leader in the building technology space. Josh chats with Ian on how to innovate using Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). We discover why data is the future and how ENGworks […]

Ask an Innovator – with Josh Barker & Brad Hammond

Josh Barker & Brad Hammond Discuss Innovation Josh Barker and Brad Hammond launch the first episode of Ask an Innovator, a podcast dedicated to talking with experts about innovation across all industries. LEARN MORE City Innovation Labs WE’RE SOCIAL HERE AT ASK AN INNOVATOR LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Twitter ASK AN INNOVATOR TIMESTAMPS Why did we […]